All Gone

All Gone Book 2020

IDR 500.000 IDR 1.300.000

All Gone documents the most sought after street culture items, every year, since 2006.

For this new edition, La MJC's founder Michael Dupouy continues to witness the immense creativity that defines our beloved street culture and the gamut of its industry and states:

"For 15 years, the selection giving life to the All Gone pages has become an ongoing challenge, as the permanent effervescence of this culture is constantly offering ever more fascinating and ambitious projects.

2020 remains totally paradoxical: while we have just experienced, by far, the saddest year of the century, we have never had such a breadth of powerful and exciting subjects to choose from in order to make up the pages of this book.

To illustrate this paradox, I thought it made sense to invite an artist whom I have appreciated for many years to collaborate on the two new covers of All Gone 2020. Among the multitude of brilliant works by the awesome Eric Yahnker I found these two were particularly symbolic of the past year: I can't resist thinking of Mobb Deep’s classics "Hell on Earth" and "Survival of the Fittest" when I see Michael navigating his way through the difficulty among the demons, and I can't stop thinking about the best for the future when I imagine Yoda asking Lebron to rely on the Force to better apprehend the future."

This year mark 15 years of making the All Gone Book! 

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