Outer Space Refined Basics Monkey Tote Bag - Black

IDR 142.500 IDR 285.000

Dalek is James Marshall, an artist based in North Carolina, USA, well known for his pop-art and graffiti-inspired urban paintings that feature his iconic character the Space monkey. A pioneering figure in the street art scene, James Marshall has been operating under the name 'Dalek' since his graff days in the early 90s.

Dalek's most iconic work is his Space monkey, a grinning humanoid mouse creature that has now become synonymous with his name. Having first developed the character in 1995, the Space monkey soon grew to become Dalek's twisted alter-ego and his own concept of a human being. Through the Space monkey, Dalek found a way to convey his emotions and share his unique perspective of the world.

In this capsule collection, Ageless Galaxy brings 3 new t-shirts, a coach jacket, and a tote bag featuring Dalek's Spacemonkey infused with AGLXY core graphics.

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