Trampas - Rainy Day / Fennel Seed

IDR 2.400.000

Back in the mid-1960s, running footwear was limited and “training” shoes didn’t exist. There were spikes for workouts and competition, but no shoes to warm up, cool down, or put easy miles in.

Track and field athletes demanded a shoe they could do their everyday training runs in, so Karhu developed the Trampas.

Universal Works have shaken up the narrative by bringing an upside down, inverted illumination of what it means to combine activewear with traditional shapes and silhouettes.

The iconic Karhu M-logo has been used throughout, but flipped to give a nod to the ‘W’ in Universal Works. Its origins stem from the word ‘Mestari’ - the Finnish word for ‘champion’.

Feeling like a winner in the clothes and shoes we’re wearing is never a bad thing.

- Hairy suede upper
- Suede M-logo with co-branded print
- M-logo on lateral side flipped to the ‘W’ in Universal Works
- Leather ankle lining
- Debossed Karhu logo on the heel
- Reflective heel detail
- Special edition woven tongue label
- Special edition foam footbed with arch support
- Special edition shoebox
- One extra set of rope laces


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