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Mercedes Benz Indonesia Star Arena 2018

BRAND NAME : Mercedes Benz INDONESIA (2018)

PROJECT : Event Concepting & Management

ABOUT : Mercedes Benz asked us to deliver the Best or Nothing. So our team developed a concept that has never been done before in the city which is connecting cool lifestyle elements to a high end car brand for the new A-Class launch. To top things off, we brought in our homie Michelin Star Chef Dave Pynt and his Burnt Ends Singapore squad to throw the baddest feast Jakarta has ever seen for the opening of a weekend long outdoor car expo. As icing on the cake we were given the opportunity by Mercedes to create a one of a kind artwork to be wrapped onto their CLA vehicle. No matter what came in our way, from the smoke, heat, ticking time to the swarming hungry crowd of over 400 guests, we did whatever it took to get the job done.