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AGLXY x Dalek

Ageless Galaxy is proud to finally announce the release of this fun new collection in collaboration with Dalek! Dalek is James Marshall, an artist based in North Carolina, USA, well known for his pop-art and graffiti-inspired urban paintings that feature his iconic character the Spacemonkey. A pioneering figure in the street art scene, James Marshall has been operating under the name 'Dalek' since his graff days in the early 90s. Inspired by Doctor Who, the sci-fi series he watched as a child, the misanthropic Dalek found his namesake in the merciless race of aliens hellbent on exterminating every living being in the time-space continuum. In his search for inclusion and identity, Dalek engaged in subcultures like graffiti, punk rock and skateboarding (the latter which he still does today!). His art has evolved to incorporate his love for these subcultures while simultaneously adding a layer of geometric complexity, resulting in a vibrant abstract style that is uniquely his own. Dalek's most iconic work is his Spacemonkey, a grinning humanoid mouse creature that has now become synonymous with his name. Having first developed the character in 1995, the Spacemonkey soon grew to become Dalek's twisted alter-ego and his own concept of a human being. Through the Spacemonkey, Dalek found a way to convey his emotions and share his unique perspective of the world. In addition to the paintings he's most widely known for, Dalek's diverse career has spanned over a decade and has included artistic mediums such as photography, murals, and illustration. Throughout the years, his work has featured in numerous publications and has been part of various solo and group exhibitions all over the USA, Japan, and Europe. In this capsule collection, Ageless Galaxy brings 3 new t-shirts, a coach jacket, and a tote bag featuring Dalek's Spacemonkey infused with AGLXY core graphics. The lookbook captures the whimsical tone of Dalek's vivid art style and is complemented with graphics from the collection littered throughout each of the scenes. The Ageless Galaxy x Dalek 2020 Collection is available through the Ageless Galaxy Online Shop starting June 17, 2020.