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Don't Let The Straits Separate - AGLXY x PMC

MODELS : Muhammad Indirwan - @ruwdbwoy | Arrizal Nugraha - @_alrabannys


Ageless Galaxy and Kuala Lumpur’s finest, Pestle & Mortar Clothing, recently came together for an unprecedented cross-cultural collaboration with hopes of uniting the rivaling countries. The collaboration was marked by a 3 city tour across Southeast Asia, beginning in Singapore at the Culture Cartel Convention, then Kuala Lumpur and finally wrapping up in Jakarta.

Pestle & Mortar Clothing is a Kuala Lumpur-based brand that pushes a personal lifestyle that is influenced by one’s culture and homeland. Both squads understood that historically, their countries, Indonesia and Malaysia, have been at odds with each other in debates over cultural property to border placement, in spite of their common ethnical lineage. Through this collaboration the two squads overlooked their differences and embraced their similarities to be a model for squashing inter-cultural beef in the name of culture and brotherhood.

The brands approached this collaboration through a lengthy dialogue to best convey their message of friendship and brotherhood through the phrase, Don’t Let The Straits Separate. As the Malacca Straits divides their two countries, the two squads want to promote the idea of not allowing physical boundaries to stop them from being friends. This collection was highlighted by the Don’t Let The Straits Separate graphic showcasing the Garuda, the iconic symbol of Indonesia while Jata Negara represents the coat of arms of Malaysia. The graphic is the unification of both emblems symbolizing the merger between the two countries at the highest level.