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POD Collection 008

MODELS : Jerome Toshiki - @og.noodles | Patricia Schuldtz - @pschuldtz


The much-anticipated Pod Collection 008 by Ageless Galaxy is finally here. Dubbed Continue to Fly, the collection represents the team’s advancement in their journey through the galaxy.

The squad pushed further the boundaries set by Pod Collection 007, where they departed from traditional, easy colors to vibrant pigments to match the summer vibes.

In Pod Collection 008, edgy tones that contrast the fall/winter season hues were utilized with wild colors including orange, peach, mint green, royal blue were deployed in a variety of silhouettes.

The notion of Continue to Fly was influenced by the squad’s patience and vigilance to find success in a competitive environment. Their adventure in the past year have taken them to places that opened their eyes to new ideas, concepts and acknowledgements that they are in fact on the right path.

For those following the brand for some time now, know that the Whatever It Takes graphic has become a staple in their line up. AGLXY, as they’re often referred, want to continue to inspire their audience the drive we all share in overcoming the obstacles in pursuit of our dreams.

The latest graphic highlight is the Good Vibes since ∞ concept, which has a special place with the squad. The idea is that no matter what type of struggle you are facing, you always have to have a good attitude about it. Spreading good vibes or positivity to the universe will have its rewards. At the end of the day it is about achieving an everlasting happiness.