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POD Collection 014

MODELS: Robyn Walker | @robywalks & Warren Peterson | @the__bakersman_ 
AGLXY levels out 2022 with POD Collection 014, reflecting on themes of perception and finding universal balance within the chaos of time and space.

POD Collection 014 introduces its vivid colors against the striking landscapes of South Africa with the help of creative duo and outdoor enthusiasts Robyn Walker and Warren ‘Baker’ Peterson. Embodying the mentality of the brand, they show their passion for exploration and never-ending positivity through every single shot in the lookbook.

With graphics inspired by the retro-futuristic style popularized during the prime of The Great Space Race, POD Collection 014 features The Squad’s interpretations of time and balance through its striking visual imagery. This collection’s color Spectrum is shown through a precariously balanced stack of stones as well as an “all-seeing eye” on a White and Electro Blue shirt, respectively.

Besides featuring on two new shirts, the brand’s core ‘Whatever it Takes’ graphic appears on two new fleece track sets, each boasting a different top. The black track set has an accompanying hooded sweater top, while the green track set has a sweatshirt top. Both come with embroidered details on both tops and pants with a small ‘Whatever it Takes’ graphic on the pack of the pants‘ leg.

At the core of the collection lies the notion of how keeping an open mind can ultimately alter how you discern your own future. We all try our best to find balance in such chaotic circumstances, and while the journey may not be an easy one, there is always beauty that comes from unexpected places, if only we open our minds enough to perceive it.

Ageless Galaxy’s POD Collection 014 is available starting on April 15, 2022 in-store and online on through Ageless Galaxy as well as through selected local retailers.