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MODELS: Cherie | @desertedh3art & Agung | @agung.dirawan

Ageless Galaxy releases POD Collection 015 to close out the year. The collection continues on POD Collection 014's retro-futuristic themes while adding a modern flare to what is quickly becoming Ageless Galaxy's signature style.

Ever inspired by mankind's never-ending efforts to explore beyond the stars, POD Collection 015 reflects on that transitional period that ultimately resulted in what is now remembered as the twenty-year-long Great Space Race. Much like how it was a process to successfully achieve the dream of going into space, The Squad also finds themselves in the transitional era of recovering and picking up the pieces after fighting through a two-year-long global pandemic.

Ultimately POD Collection 015 is about pushing forwards through uncertainty with the hope that eventually everything will get better.

Featuring 13 articles, POD Collection 015 is decked out with graphics and the themes of transition and growth in the muted tones of the fall season. POD Collection 015 introduces new silhouettes added to the our collection as a whole: a sherpa jacket, a vest and cardigans that highlights the brand at its core. 

Besides the new silhouettes, there are eight new shirts littered with graphics that make up POD Collection 015. Each item in the collection reflects a treasured transitional period into pushing through uncertainties with hope. 

At the core of the collection lies motivation and manifestations during a transitional stage of growth and recovery towards anything that lies in the future. Where in the end we’re willing to do ‘Whatever it Takes’ in a journey to pass by in hopes of achieving the dream.

Ageless Galaxy’s POD Collection 015 is available in-store and online through Ageless Galaxy as well as through selected local retailers.