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MODELS: Eric | @ericdavis_3

Ageless Galaxy comes in with the bright and colorful POD Collection 016, the first drop of 2023. Featuring seven articles, POD Collection 016 includes six t-shirts in classic and new colorways of White, Black, Pink, and Tosca Green.

Incorporating a color spectrum into unique designs has become the Ageless Galaxy approach to every POD Collection. POD Collection 016 transports us into the skyline of Spectrum City, a fever dream of pastels calling back to the retro-futuristic themes of old cartoons and comics. The clean and minimalistic De Stijl art movement has also become a basis of inspiration behind the visuals seen throughout the collection.

The 'Whatever it Takes' shirts in POD Collection 016 pair the graphic with a deconstructed AGLXY logo in pastel colors. Across every collection, 'Whatever It Takes' has always played an essential role in communicating the mindset that Ageless Galaxy embodies as both a brand and a way of life.

At its core, POD Collection 016 carries the positive outlook of coming out of the woods towards a brighter path in life. With spring comes the time to bloom into a new era of experiences where we make the most out of new opportunities and forge onwards to do Whatever it Takes to make a mark in the world.

Ageless Galaxy’s POD Collection 016 is available starting on February 25, 2023 in-store and online through Ageless Galaxy as well as through selected local retailers.