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MODELS: Dwika - @dwikapradnyana | Barbara - @nonevas

Venture into the Wild with Ageless Galaxy’s Autumn/Winter Drop, POD Collection 018. Inspired by the profound beauty and remarkable layers of nature, POD Collection 018 is created by taking a step back from the hustle of daily life, inviting you to explore the great outdoors, where nature in all its beauty and unexpected absurdity can be found.

The POD Collection 018 dives into the wonders of the home planet, Earth, with the Ageless Galaxy Research and Exploration Unit. On a mission to seek out and understand the world while discovering the mysteries of the earth, one layer at a time. With its boundless knowledge, nature serves as an ultimate source of inspiration as we embark on this odyssey of exploration and discovery.

Featuring fourteen articles, the POD Collection 018 includes 10 graphic t-shirts in classic and earth-toned colorways. This collection also includes new silhouettes of a bomber jacket, a half-zip jacket, and 2 cargo pants.

Ageless Galaxy’s POD Collection 018 will be available to purchase on and the AGLXY stores starting on Saturday, October 28 2023.