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AGLXY POD Collection 017 Launch Party

In July 2023, Ageless Galaxy held a launch party to celebrate the release of the POD Collection 017. Through this collection, Ageless Galaxy comes in with a collection that features captivating graphics that tell the story of a traveler's daring journey across various landscapes, from mountains and deserts to oases and pyramids. And accompanying the journey is a refreshing and citrusy summer spritz to provide boundless inspiration and a constant summer vibe.

The launch party started at 3PM with AGLXY on the Grill, Beverages were supported by The Golden Tooth Bar, Diageo, & Johnnie Walker Indonesia and Tunes by C.N.M and Pdouble.
Thanks for hanging out with us!

About Ageless Galaxy:

Ageless Galaxy is a lifestyle brand inspired by the mentality of outer space exploration. Their goal to leave a mark in the galaxy fuels their never-ending drive to do 'Whatever it Takes' to survive. Through working with like-minded individuals, their ultimate goal is to infuse value in everything they do in order to make a mark in this never-ending galaxy.