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AGLXY x The Hundreds at USS 2022

Ending the year with a bang, Ageless Galaxy and The Hundreds collaborate in an exclusive Urban Sneaker Society 2022 team-up. The collection showcases a mash of familiar graphics and features each of the brands' iconic mascots, Terry the Space Shuttle and The Adam Bomb.

From 9 December to 11 December, Ageless Galaxy and The Hundreds set up a booth to launch this exclusive collaboration at one of the most anticipated streetwear events in Indonesia. With this booth and the collection, the goal is to showcase and celebrate the community and culture with Much Love from Los Angeles to Jakarta.

For this year's USS, Ageless Galaxy hosted The Hundreds' Co-Founder and their Creative Director, Bobby Hundreds and David Rivera for their trip to Indonesia. At the event, many people got to meet Bobby Hundreds and show their enthusiasm for The Hundreds and the collaboration with AGLXY.

To end the weekend, USS hosted a talk show 'Journey In Streetwear Throughout The Years' featuring Bobby and one of our own Tamish Aswani where they talked about Bobby and The Hundreds' story, Indonesia's streetwear scene and POVs from both brands for the collaborations and their journeys to get here. There was also a fan signing at the end of the talk at AGLXY’s booth where people lined up to show their gratitude and appreciation to one of the pioneer’s of streetwear, Bobby Hundreds.

We want to thank The Hundreds, Urban Sneakers Society and you guys for coming out, hyping and showing so much love for the collaboration and Bobby, truly ending the year with a bang!