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Batavia Collective Mixtape Session

As a supporter of all good things, we’re proud to share with you the latest project from our friends over at GOODNWS called Batavia Collective.

For those who aren’t familiar, GOODNWS is a Jakarta based music collective that focuses on soulful music and throws regular events around the city. Their sole purpose is to educate and create awareness to the Indonesian crowd what good music sounds like. Their latest project features a collaboration with Berita Angkasa, a Jakarta based music label that gained a following from overseeing the widely regarded rock band, Kelompok Penerbang Rocket.

The collaboration between GOODNWS and Berita Angkasa focuses on presenting a work of art by curating soulful music and rearranging them into one track. Their debut release, Mixtape Session, takes listeners on a journey through 9 different tracks that are seamlessly blended into one. Not only are these individually curated tracks performed but have been reconstructed to give a more soulful vibe. The group looks to further showcase their heart and soul along with their skills in projects to come.