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Chicken and Charcoal: Yakitori, Yardbird, Hong Kong

Yardbird is a modern izakaya based in Hong Kong that specializes in "yakitori", skewered grilled chicken dishes headed by Chef Matt Abergel and managed by Lindsay Jang since its opening in 2011. The essence of the Yardbird restaurant has been captured in vivid detail through Chicken and Charcoal, the next release in the #AGLXYReads Collection. The perfect companion for the casual or professional culinary enthusiast, 'Chicken and Charcoal' focuses on handling and grilling all parts of the chicken from neck to tail. Together with detailed explanations and stunning step-by-step photos, 'Chicken and Charcoal' explains how Yardbird sources, butchers, skewers, and cooks the chicken with no need for special equipment. In addition to yakitori, the book reveals the magic behind Yardbird's signature recipes featuring ‘smaller’ and ‘bigger’ dishes that incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients. Chicken and Charcoal is available on the Ageless Galaxy Online Shop starting May 15, 2020