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KangaROOS at Ageless Galaxy

Kangaroos has been known since 1979 as the only sports shoes in the world equipped with a small pocket to keep your essentials. KangaROOS started when architect and running enthusiast, Bob Gamm, created a solution to his long-time problem: Where to keep his keys and loose change while he was out running.
Besides its signature pocket, KangaROOS is known particularly for its innovative Dynacoil cushion. Dynacoil was developed after consulting with NASA engineers and used the same shock-absorbing material from the astronauts' boots in the Apollo Space Program.
KangaROOS went international in 1981 thanks to Bernd Hummel, who still manages the brand from his Germany-based factory to this day. SInce the KangaROOS’ re-launch in 2009, they’ve made a comeback in the sneaker community by collaborating with brands like Patta, Overkill, and even Jagermeister.
Today KangaROOS is sold in over 60 countries worldwide and will soon be officially available in Indonesia through Ageless Galaxy.
KangaROOS will be available in-store and online only at Ageless Galaxy starting Saturday, January 15, 2022