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Neon Nights by Samuel Escobar

Meet Samuel Escobar, An Architect by trade, a hobbyist photographer and an all round creative who loves to express his art and ideas through different mediums. We had the chance to catch up with him to learn more about his recent project titled "NEON NIGHTS" which is a beautiful series of landscape photography mixed with disruptive minimal graphics to manipulate the eye.
Hi Samuel! Tell us a little about yourself... I was born in Mexico City but currently living in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Professionally I am an Architect and all though I like photography, I don't consider myself a photographer. I like being in the moment, Today I use photography to communicate my creative ideas, but maybe tomorrow I use sketches and the day after I could use music and so on.
Tell us how did you gravitate towards photography? Learning about everything creative is something I enjoy, especially in the world of art. My first approach to photography was during the first term of college. But it was not until 2011 that I discovered Instagram and really got involved in taking pictures. Walk us through your creative process..
I have a very random creative process. Sometimes I have very clear ideas of what I want to accomplish, but other times I just start sketching and let the ideas flow. But for photography, my biggest inspiration comes from music, graffiti and sketching. Your latest series titled "Neon Nights" is a fantastic one, tell us more... "Neon Nights" was born out of the need to experiment and manipulate the perception we have of landscapes. The development of the series was made in a very short period of time. I wanted to intervene the landscape with an element that by natural means felt that was "out of place". But I also wanted that with simple forms, I could challenge the complexity and dept of the landscape. In order to create consistency, the colour palette I used was always the same, that is Red, Purple and Blue.
Which is your favourite experiment from the series and why? My favourite photo from the series is the first Image I did because that was the one that defined the process and baseline of the following ones. Are you planning on continuing this series as a part of your on going experiment? For this project, I created about 30 photos, but only ended up publishing 12, maybe in the future I will publish the rest. What else are you working on that you are able to share? As of right now, I am working on making more projects related to architecture, but I always carry my camera with me incase a new idea or opportunity pops up! We noticed you taking the time to create one image specially for us using our Infinity logo, really appreciate the effort and love how it turned out! We cant wait to see your next creative projects unfold.