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Patta Spring 2020 Collection

Photography: Menno Kok | Production: Lion Kojo Models: Victor, Jinan, JeanPaul, KC, Edu, Ray, Dusty, and Damion As April rolls in, Ageless Galaxy officially welcomes Patta and brings with them the first of Patta's collections that are available in Indonesia: the Spring 2020 Collection. Patta is a Dutch brand based in Amsterdam and is considered to be one of the pioneering brands in the streetwear scene. Patta began in 2004 with Edson Sabajo and Gillaume 'Gee' Schmidt selling footwear and gear in what started out as a hobby store. The brand has since flourished into a thriving business and a recognizable international brand.

Patta has always been role models to the Ageless Galaxy Squad in its ability to continuously inspire and contribute to the streetwear community. Having previously collaborated with Patta in various events around Jakarta, Indonesia, the Squad is stoked to be able to officially represent Patta as they make their way to this corner of the globe.

Patta's Spring 2020 Collection sees the addition of new colorways and silhouettes to add to their staples of sportswear, shirts, sweats, and hoodies. New styles come in the form of two brightly colored button-up shirts and the introduction of a matching canvas set that gives way to a workwear-type aesthetic. The Patta Panther is a recurring graphic theme and can be seen in several iterations throughout the collection, while variations of the Patta logo threads through the collection, culminating in a litany of illustrated graphics found on the button-up shirts. New to the Patta ensemble, these Rayon button-up shirts come in two fresh colors: Spectra Yellow and Paradise Green, emphasizing the pastel tones of the spring season. Additionally, Patta introduces a matching canvas set made up of Latte Brown shorts and a hooded canvas jacket, delving into the workwear aesthetic with practical yet still comfortable attire. The Patta Spring 2020 Collection is available exclusively through the Ageless Galaxy online shop starting April 20, 2020