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Patta x SMIB

Rounding out the year and following a collaboration with Reebok, Patta teams up with SMIB to release a capsule collection. SMIB is a creative organization that's all about putting Amsterdam's South East area (aka Bijlmer/Bims/Smib) on the map for the new generation. For the past five years, the SMIB Collective has proudly stayed independent even while running a clothing brand, clothing store, music festival, record label, and a publishing house. For SMIB, 2020 has been about celebrating this milestone while constantly releasing new products, music, and ideas. With Patta, SMIB releases a capsule collection consisting of t-shirts, hoodies, a cap, bandanas, a football shirt, and SMIB’s fourth and last album of the year, SMIB TAPE D: SMIBPATTA. The SMIBPATTA album is an intergenerational effort with SMIB collaborating with local legends and features guest appearances by MC Nina, Duvel, Kleine Viezerik, SugaCane, Maikal X, Bokoesam, Ella John, Fosa, Lost, T.Milan, Vince, and Willem. The #SMIBPATTA collection will be available in-store at all Patta locations and online from and the Patta app on Friday, December 18th, while the SMIBPATTA album will be available on all streaming platforms on the same day.