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Peterson Stoop x Jeff Staple

Jelske Peterson and Jarah Stoop founded Peterson Stoop, with the support of a small team of interns / artisans who pride themselves as the new generation of fashion innovators, pioneering sustainable approach to footwear production and design. Having to work at a shoe repair shop and leather tannery, they built a solid knowledge of traditional techniques and durable materials. Through this experience, they noticed that sneakers are discarded and replaced rather than repaired. Hence back in 2016 they developed a concept and conceived a way to tackle the issue of waste in the footwear industry.

Peterson Stoop deconstructs vintage sneakers and rebuilds them with natural materials, including cork and leather to name a few, with the intention to steer the industry to a more sustainable future by producing desirable and ethical footwear.

For their latest project, Peterson Stoop worked together with the one and only Jeff Staple of Staple Pigeon the man behind the Staple Pigeon Nike Dunk SB to bring you an interesting piece of art. All the shoes are made by hand in their Amsterdam based studio, with more sustainable materials and strictly vintage (thus the use of Nike Air Force 1’s). Combining Jeff Staple's view on design with artisanal shoe making techniques, these creatives bring you

“The Wavy Pigeon”

The Launch will be this Saturday 4th of May 2019 at Extra Butter New York from 1pm EST

Images courtesy of Jeff Staple