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The Art of Cooking Up A Storm

Friday, 17th of March 2023

This past February 23rd, Chef Stephen Moore was invited as a guest chef at Meatsmith Jakarta’s Sundown Supper event. Together with Meatsmith’s head chef Sebastian Kenyon, Stephen curated an exclusive menu for the event while also bringing a range of popular dishes from his Bali-based restaurant, Shelter.


Most chefs consider cooking to be a form of art, and British-born chef Stephen has been practicing it for the past 30 years. Through the years he has been soaking up bits and pieces of knowledge from restaurants around the world, going to places like New Zealand, to Montenegro, to India.

Stephen honed his craft in a different era of hospitality where high-stress and high-pressure kitchen environments were the norm. These were colloquially known among chefs as ‘SAS Kitchens’ after the British Special Air Services, notorious for having one of the toughest military training regimes in the world. Stephen worked in these types of kitchens for 16 to 18 hours a day, essentially on a knife's edge while working with chefs who were liable to throw pots and pans at him.

“That old school mentality really shaped my career in regards to being committed [and] being loyal.” Stephen explained, “Looking back at it now, it’s pretty hardcore that I went through that. But that got me to where I am today.”

Despite all the hardships that he went through, Stephen learned valuable work ethic while being in the trenches with his co-workers. Getting through every night of service earned him unforgettable moments, life experiences and life-long friends from around the world.


For decades, the island of Bali has been a popular tourist destination for Indonesians and foreigners alike. In recent years the Canggu and Pererenan areas have come into the spotlight due to their vibrant communities and its many cuisines. When Stephen first settled in Bali in 2011, he worked and consulted for a variety of restaurants for six years before finally joining Shelter’s team.

Stephen had been cooking privately for small groups of people during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, and it was there that he met his current business partners at Shelter. At first, he was brought on board as a chef consultant to help develop Shelter’s dining concept and menu. However, after eighteen months became Head Chef and is now a proud co-owner of the establishment.

Shelter is a modern restaurant where authenticity meets creativity. Located in Pererenan, Bali, the vibrant and intense flavors of the Mediterranean and the Middle East serve as the inspiration for Shelter's cuisine. “I had never cooked [Middle Eastern food] before, so I set myself a challenge.” Stephen explains, “I learned some grandmother recipes from some friends of mine and then it just snowballed.”

Shelter’s now signature menu contains simple but intense flavors, augmented by smokey and intimate tastes mixed with a little bit of culture and history. With Stephen’s help, Shelter has currently become one of Bali's best dining experiences.

Looking back at his experiences, Stephen has always understood that you have to challenge yourself to get to where you are today. His goal for Shelter is to be able to be consistent in the food that he and his team produces and serves to Shelter’s guests. Stephen notes that consistency is key to getting customers to keep coming back to his restaurant.

With his experience in the industry, Stephen leads his team by setting an example and doing everything with passion. By being in the kitchen every day, Stephen’s advice to young chefs is to push every day and soak up every bit of information. Especially with the accessibility of today’s opportunities and technologies, chefs today can be inspired to get through the trenches and know that the journey ahead will be incredible.

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