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The Netherlands 2018

In our second installment of Ageless Galaxy In Transit, we flew across Asia and the Middle East to check out AMCAT Amsterdam Festival in Holland which unfortunately, the event was cancelled at the very last minute. Since we’re committed to time and our bags were already packed, we made it into a long overdue visit to connect with the family and homies. We’re also interested in checking out the DNA of the places we visit - the culture, people, food, etc. Us being students of the game, we’re simply curious about what's going down in different parts of the world to fuse into our own hustle.

Featuring Sir Rocco and Cindy Joe holding it down in Rotterdam; Remco and the Branie crew, Full Crate, Ben G, Edson Sabajo and the Patta family in Amsterdam, and Tamish losing his mind on a giant stroopwaffel whilst vibing out with the people of Netherlands in the summer.