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AGLXY x Staple

MODELS: Karina - @karinabasrewan | Paul - @paulpalele PHOTOGRAPHER: AGLXY | @aglxyco Jeff Staple is an all-around creative visionary based in New York City. As the founder of Reed Art Department (formerly known as Staple Design), Jeff Staple heads a creative consulting firm and a lifestyle brand in one and has been paving the way for streetwear brands and designers alike since 1997. Ageless Galaxy (abbreviated ‘AGLXY’) is a lifestyle brand from Jakarta, Indonesia that’s inspired by the mentality of outer space exploration. Through working with like-minded individuals, their ultimate goal is to infuse value in everything they do in order to make a mark in this never-ending galaxy. Two brands and two urban metropoles from opposite ends of the globe come together during unprecedented times to inspire creative mindsets and to spread a positive social contagion.