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POD Collection 012

MODELS: Jerome - @_toshiiki | Elizabeth - @elizabethkasai PHOTOGRAPHER: AGLXY | @aglxyco It's in with the old and out with the new as Ageless Galaxy drops POD Collection 012! After a lengthy series of mini capsule drops and various collaborations, the Squad finally showcases a full release with several new colorways and silhouettes. The vibrant technicolor palette speaks of nostalgic 1980s television and post-modern aesthetics, bringing to mind those beloved Hanna-Barbera cartoons (a favorite of The Squad’s being The Jetsons, of course). POD Collection 012 introduces two new Rugby Shirts, two lightweight Utility Jackets, a new Sweater, and a full zip fleece Track Jacket, hinting at The Squad's timely entry into creating a range of functional athletic wear. On top of that, the Squad also debuts their first AGLXY Bottomwears: two cotton Shorts in complementing colors with the AGLXY Utility Jackets. Core graphics such as 'Whatever it Takes' get a retro revamp, while new ones like the AGLXY 2020 graphic are re-introduced as standalone pieces. Embellished on an unforgettable lemon yellow shirt, its backside also features the largest print of the AGLXY Italic graphic ever to come on a t-shirt! POD Collection 012's new Jackets and Shorts introduces a new range of AGLXY apparel that focuses on clean-cut silhouettes and minimal aesthetics that are accentuated with interesting detailing. In contrast, the addition of Rugby Shirts adds a new dimension of color, with the stripes adorning them serving as a nod to Ageless Galaxy’s quickly-expanding collection of Striped shirts. At the core of POD Collection 012 lies the importance of remembering the "good old days" without forgetting to look towards the future. As Ageless Galaxy is built on a foundation of drive, whether it is the drive to explore or the drive to push towards a better future. While 2020 has been nothing short of an unending challenge, these unprecedented events have changed the Squad's outlook on what the future might hold and have cemented their drive to tackle any obstacles that come their way. POD Collection 012 is available on the Ageless Galaxy Online Shop starting September 23, 2020.