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AGLXY x Tokidoki

MODELS: Andrea | @catwomanizer & Aga | @agaalvian 


tokidoki is a Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand by Italian artist Simone Legno and entrepreneurs Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold. Since debuting in 2005 tokidoki has amassed a cult-like following and offers an extensive range of characters and products developed from Legno's deep love for Japan and fascination with world cultures. With a combination of Legnos creativity and Mohajer's business acumen, Tokidoki has grown to be known not only for its eye-popping aesthetics but also its megawatt partnerships.

Ageless Galaxy is a lifestyle brand based in Jakarta that’s inspired by the mentality of outer space exploration. Their goal to leave a mark in the galaxy fuels their never-ending drive to do 'Whatever it Takes' to survive.

tokidoki means "sometimes" in Japanese because sometimes we come across moments that can change destiny. These moments bring brands like Ageless Galaxy and tokidoki together. While tokidoki fuels the dream of creating something magical, Ageless Galaxy carries the drive for never-ending curiosity. Together, both brands represent the hopes for a brighter future as we strive to create a legacy for the galaxy to remember.

The tokidoki x Ageless Galaxy Collaboration releases on Saturday, June 26, 2021. The collection will be available for purchase through the Ageless Galaxy Flagship Store and Online Shop and selected retailers.