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AGLXY x What is Up, Indonesia?

Every Independence Day, we reflect on what it means to be proud citizens of Indonesia, staying curious and critical to learn and better grow as individuals and a brand. ‘What Is Up, Indonesia?’ (WIUI) is a media platform started in 2020 by Faye Simanjuntak and Abigail Limuria. Through WIUI they curate Indonesian socio-politics, presenting current and relevant issues in an easy-to-consume English format for a public of all ages.

Indonesian politics is complicated and confusing at the best of times. But we can't grow as a country if we don't understand how it works. To address this, both brands come together for Indonesia’s 76th Independence Day to remind everyone that we need to use our rights and responsibilities to create a better Indonesia. After all, the future is controlled by those who participate.

The collection was launched on August 1st, 2021 and lead up to a limited edition enamel pin launch on August 17, Indonesia's Independence Day. To celebrate 76 years of independence, only 76 pieces of each item is made available to purchase through our online store.