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Eat Wide Awake Since ∞ – AGLXY x Saladstop!

MODELS : Jordan Joe – @jordan_joe | Janice Anya – @janiceanya

PHOTO & VIDEO: AGLXY – @aglxyco

SaladStop! is all about bringing new dimensions to the way people view their food, changing the way people consume healthy meals as well as becoming a catalyst for positive environmental sustainability in the process. Ageless Galaxy is a brand that is inspired by outer space exploration, stemming from the mentality of continuously exploring new frontiers in order to bring about a positive change to the galaxy. In the quest for achieving the ultimate form of wellness, the two brands come together to support a bigger cause: To Eat Wide Awake by making a greener mark in the universe, emphasising the importance of understanding where your food comes from, eating healthy as well as being conscious about the impact we make on our environment.