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POD Collection 011

MODELS : Alfa - @slmnalfa02| Julia - @juliabeaugerard


Ageless Galaxy kicks off 2020 with the release of POD Collection 011, moving away from the artistic themes of the summer and going back to their roots as they push boundaries with bold new designs and celebrate all they’ve achieved by bringing back graphics from earlier collections. POD Collection 011 introduces vibrant pastel-colored graphics to compliment the addition of darker hues into their growing assemblage of shirts.

Ageless Galaxy advances ever forward, however the Squad looks back to pay homage to how far they’ve come. As the International Space Programs release ‘Mission Patches’ to celebrate every successful mission, the graphics of POD Collection 011 echo along this theme. Across the collection, graphics old and new are displayed in small “patch-sized” iterations, and while staple graphics such as ‘Whatever it Takes’ and the ‘Spectrum’ tees return, they come with a twist: For the first time ever, the Spectrum design is incorporated into complex graphics, diverging away from abstract designs seen in previous collections. The Whatever it Takes graphics evolve in style as Spectrums of color are fused into its design. Meanwhile, Terry the Space Shuttle makes a comeback on a heather grey shirt in sleek new patch form, a reflection of the Squad’s maturing outlook on design.

Venturing into the unknown has always been at the forefront of what Ageless Galaxy continuously strives to achieve. As a year ends and a new decade begins, the Squad embraces 2020 as a launch pad to step up their game. Maturity and growth dawns in the coming year as the Squad explores the unique synchronicity between graphic design and fashion design, diving deep into new combinations and finding harmony between of fabric textures, colors, and graphics. The mentality behind Outer Space Exploration calls for boundless quests into the vastness of the galaxy, nonetheless with every successful “mission”, it’s always important to celebrate past achievements to remember how far we’ve really come.