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POD Collection 009

MODELS : Dieudonné Kamalandua - @dipsy.manizao | Michelle Ramli - @michelle.ramli


Continuously evolving and pushing the boundaries of space, we accelerate into new horizons with POD Collection 009. This line breaks away from conventional monochrome hues and ventures into a bolder spectrum of pigmented tones. A rich palette consisting of fresh and vibrant colors encompassing purple, mustard, pink, black, white, beige and green are dynamically integrated across each piece to elevate everyday wear.

Further broadening the scope of exploration, a new character makes his grand entrance in the POD Collection 009. Terry debuts as a daring and adventurous space shuttle embodying the core values and mission of Ageless Galaxy's crew. Portraying that unyielding go-getter attitude and initiative to constantly reach for the stars. He is an outer space inspired personality created as a reminder to always stay curious and be fearless in chasing future endeavors.

Essential designs from previous collections are also making a comeback with a refreshing new twist. The classic 'Whatever it Takes' graphics are now assembled onto different types of apparel such as striking purple and white hoodies along with cool green and mustard shirts. These redefined selections continue to reflect the same message of inspiring others to proudly prevail against barriers and limitations to achieve their dreams.

Within this latest ensemble features a notion to dive in with a positive outlook and bravely move forward despite the incoming obstacles. Having the courage to do whatever it takes to keep going and forever aspire to greatness is the essence of POD Collection 009.