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POD Collection 010

MODELS : Jaïr Samallo - @jaiswavey | Imani Selina - @imaniselina | Devancey - @devancey

PHOTOGRAPHER : Rocky Roos - @rockyroos

Ageless Galaxy marks this summer season with the launch of Pod Collection 010, taking advantage of the bright and playful summer hues to further expand their growing arsenal of colorful products. Graphics new and old make their debut on Lemon Yellows and Salmon Pinks and Terry the Space Shuttle makes a dashing return on a refreshing Mint tee.

In the spirit of continuously exploring new horizons, POD Collection 010 takes a new visual approach, heavily inspired by vintage Soviet illustrations, a nod to the great Space Race and paying tribute to the Soviet Union, pioneers of the historic age of Space Exploration.

Bringing in a graphic style that's both fresh and reminiscent of the golden age of Space, core graphics are reimagined in a combination of contrasting colors and avant-garde Russian aesthetics. The staple 'Whatever It Takes' graphic is juxtaposed onto deceptively simple geometric patterns, and coming with a new range of colors, the obligatory Spectrum tees only grow in complexity.

At the core of the collection we find the Squad's expanding global perspective, as they continue to broaden their horizons, all while tackling each and every challenge that comes their way. The value of exploration, whether that be of Space or of Ageless Galaxy's place in this vast universe, is about finding what drives us to do more and create more.