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POD Collection 013

MODELS: Carissa | @carissaperusset & Louis | @louisnicholas 
PHOTOGRAPHER: Dennis Arthur | @dennisarthvr


The effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic have changed how everyone has been going about their daily grind, but that won't stop Ageless Galaxy from hustling hard to release POD Collection 013. As everyone deserves a vacation from everything that happened in the past year, it’s only fair to usher in those vacation vibes through the new graphics of POD Collection 013. Building upon the theme AGLXY on Vacation, POD Collection 013 transports you from the far reaches of space to a tropical island far far away.


Featuring 11 articles, POD Collection 013 comprises eight t-shirts in new colorways: Aqua, Mineral Green, Dusty Pink, Lime, and Heather White. POD Collection 013 introduces the Wish You Were Here and Hospitality rayon shirts, a fun play-off on Hawaiian Shirts, and an essential souvenir for every AGLXY vacationer out there. These shirts feature an all-over pattern of staple graphics found throughout the collection printed on loose and lightweight Rayon fabric.


The inclusion of a new Whatever it Takes anorak jacket in POD Collection 013 is proof that you can never be too prepared for any change in weather. A subtle homage to Ageless Galaxy's home base in tropical Jakarta, where even the hottest days can be a sign of a rainstorm in the night. The anorak jacket is notable for its water-resistant and travel-friendly features. Its lightweight material allows easy storage by folding it into the large front pocket that doubles as a pouch.


No amount of change will stop the Squad from pushing out the now essential Whatever it Takes and Spectrum graphics. No matter how much these graphics were adapted to fit into POD Collection 013's aesthetics, their core messaging remains the same. They are a sign of the enduring mentality that Ageless Galaxy represents as both a brand and a way of life. In this collection, the Spectrum graphic appears in pineapple form on a new Mineral Green shirt, while Whatever it Takes comes on a new Dusty Pink shirt, retaining its outer space-inspired look.


At its core, POD Collection 013 carries a powerful message: a hope that one day we can all meet and spend some well-deserved quality time with our loved ones. Saying Wish You Were Here is part of the everlasting positive mentality that Ageless Galaxy uses to manifest good vibes. As the Squad keeps on doing Whatever it Takes to push limits, they hope to inspire others to dig deep for that drive to do the same so they can make their mark in a never-ending galaxy.


POD Collection 013 is available starting on October 01, 2021 at the Ageless Galaxy Flagship Store, online on the shop and selected retailers.