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AGLXY x Ensemble

Coming together to celebrate growth in the new year of 2022, AGLXY and Ensemble create a unique collection celebrating life and all its hardships. Good or bad, our experiences have made us who we are, and as long as we're able to keep looking forward, we'll always be able to grow through what we go through. Ensemble is a brand that celebrates femininity in all forms, embracing body positivity and the simple comfort of being in your own skin. They consciously infuse resonant stories into every garment through hand-drawn floral prints. Ageless Galaxy is a lifestyle brand inspired by the mentality of outer space exploration. Their goal to leave a mark in the galaxy fuels their never-ending drive to do 'Whatever it Takes' to survive. Through working with like-minded individuals, their ultimate goal is to infuse value in everything they do in order to make a mark in this never-ending galaxy.

AGLXY & Ensemble’s Collaboration Collection will be available starting on February 26, 2022 in-store and online on through both Ageless Galaxy and Ensemble as well as through selected local retailers.